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At Redwood Tree Ltd, we are all about delivering results. As an established and experienced building renovation company in London, we pride ourself on customer satisfaction and high quality work. With 15 years of experience, and an extensive portfolio of completed commercial renovation projects our commitment to clients is both proven and consistent.

With experience in big projects that include Amigos, Trishna, Sabor and more, our commercial renovation contractors know the importance of your work, and see your maximum satisfaction as their minimum deliverable.

As one of the trusted renovation companies in and across London, we take time to work alongside our clients, never losing sight of your goals, from the conception to the completion of the project.

Our services include general construction, as well as carpentry and joinery, making us your go to building renovation company, with a reputation you can trust. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets or shop fittings, garden summer houses or commercial premises work, our renovation and refurbishment contractors are here to get things done.

Contact us today, and rest assured that when you do, you are putting your trust in one of the most experienced building renovation companies in London. We’ll get things done.

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Commercial Renovation, Store Renovation, Office Renovation & much more in London

For the best building renovation work in London, you can trust us to deliver. Our track record of success makes us one of the trusted and experienced renovation companies in the capital, working with our teams of some of the most professional and dedicated renovation contract professionals in the business.

Commercial Renovation

With a portfolio of commercial renovation work in London, we are a company you can trust. We understand how important it is to make your premises perfect, which is why our commercial renovation contractors work to deliver the highest results.

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Store Renovation

When you need to get a store renovation done, it’s important to get it right. As one of the established and experienced retail renovation companies in London, we can work with clients to deliver the results you need, every time.

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Restaurant Renovation

Getting restaurants ready for customers, quickly and efficiently, is what our restaurant renovation teams do all over London. For a large scale upgrade or smaller project, we are a restaurant renovation company you can trust to deliver what you need.

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Pub Refurbishment

Pulling pints, serving customers, that’s pub business. Getting your pub refurbishment done quickly and cost effectively, offering dedicated pub refurbishment contractors across London to get things done, that’s our business, as a trusted pub refurbishment company you can rely on.

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Office Renovation

When it’s time to start your office building renovation in London, we are here to help you do it. Working with only experienced and professional office refurbishment contractors, our work is guaranteed, and our commitment to quality is never compromised.

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Hotel Renovation

Hotel renovation in London is big business, and it’s our business to help you get it done. From stylish boutique hotel renovation work to restoration hotel projects across London, we are one of the hotel refurbishment companies, here for you.

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Why should you choose our Building Renovation & Commercial Renovation Contractors in London

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One of the things that makes London great, is the quality building renovation across the city. We’re proud to be a part of that, and proud to be one of the established renovation companies. From large scale commercial renovation projects to smaller commercial building refurbishments, we offer a time and cost efficient service, working with clients to get the results they expect and deserve. Our renovation contractor teams have experience and are committed to our company mission, to deliver work of the highest standard, without exception. When you hire our refurbishment contractors, we guarantee that they will offer the best customer service, and always work with diligence and professionalism. Whether you are looking to start a long term building renovation or need something done quickly, we have the team of renovation contractors that will help you get things rolling, working with you and for you.

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High Quality Commercial Renovation in London served by Redwood Tree Ltd Building Renovation Company. Check it out!


When it comes to quality commercial renovation work in London, Redwood Tree has you covered. Our extensive project portfolio and experienced commercial renovation contractors work delivering superb customer service and delivering exactly what the client wants.

From large scale commercial building renovations to smaller projects our fully trained teams are committed to creating the best results. Working with high quality materials and proudly delivering top quality work, our commercial renovation work is never compromised. No commercial building refurbishment project is too large or small, and our dedication is always the same.

When you need to get a commercial renovation project done, you need to hire people who take pride in their work, take safety seriously, and work with customers to keep the project on point. That’s exactly what we guarantee, and the mission of our commercial renovation contractors is to keep London clients happy.

REDWOOD Commercial Building Renovation Contractors London - How we work!

Leading Design Across London, Setting Building Standards

From the design to delivery, building renovation is what we do. With our extensive experience of commercial renovation across London, clients know that when it comes to architectural preparation, building regulation and even planning permission, our renovation contractor teams offer experience you can trust.

Whatever your design, our commercial building renovation teams and refurbishment contractors will work with you to deliver your vision. With free, no obligation site visits, you can rest assured that our commercial renovation contractors will fully and openly assess everything before building renovation begins.

Assessment and Assurity

As one of the building renovation companies with a trusted reputation, we analyse every project with meticulous detail, from measurements to photographed assessments.

Commercial refurbishment requires professional expertise to deliver client peace of mind, which is why our renovation contractor teams assess everything from legal requirements to cost implications. Full assurity after thorough assessment, that’s what makes us one of the most reliable renovation companies in London.

From Conception to Design, We Deliver

Building renovation is about realising individual client visions, at a cost, and within a timeline that our customers want.

Our dedicated commercial renovation contractors in London will always use client requirements as their focus, making building renovation work look exactly how it was envisaged.

Expert Engineering, Building for Success

When it comes to building regulations, our commercial renovation in London is never compromised. From observing planning consent restrictions to possessing necessary building approvals, our refurbishment contractors have all building control regulations covered.

For every commercial renovation, construction plans and specifications are followed without deviation. Our highly skilled commercial renovation contractors see your expectations as their ultimate goal, and use your maximum satisfaction as their minimum requirement.

What makes our Building Renovation London Company Unique?
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Building Renovation London

With our years of experience, Redwood Tree Ltd. offer a trusted service for building renovation projects. As one of the renovation companies that sets industry standards, working with us guarantees great results and customer satisfaction, every time.

Building Success

Building renovation in London is big business, and it’s our business to deliver cost effective solutions to each of our clients. Tailor made solutions and successful results are what make us one of the leading renovation companies. Take the stress out of success, and let us get your building renovation done on time, on budget.

Best Renovation Contractor

Looking for the most experienced renovation contractor in London? Need a building renovation company that only employs the best tradesman in the game? That’s where Redwoom come in. Our renovation contractor teams in London are experienced in the industry, and driven by our company ethos of customer satisfaction

Customer Focused Contractors

When it comes to building renovation our customer focussed contractors lead the way. As one of the renovation companies in London that only ever employs the best, our renovation contractors are focused on delivering the results that clients deserve, on time and budget.

Redwood Trusted Renovation Companies

When you need building renovation done in London, you want to work with a trusted company that you can rely on. That is what Redwood is all about. Our building renovation is both trusted and guaranteed.

As one of the renovation companies with a reputation for customer-focused service, we offer peace of mind as well as industry leading results.

Reliable Renovation

With our experienced renovation contractor tradesmen, we are a building renovation company that is proud to offer reliability to all our clients, without exception. Building renovation in London you can rely, that’s Redwood.

Commercial Refurbishment Contractors

From large corporate offices, to retail spaces and beyond, our commercial refurbishment contractors have the experience to your project completed.

With so many different building renovation projects, Redwood is committed to providing renovation contractor teams in London that work quickly, efficiently, and with safety first as their guide.

Committed Commercial Contractors

As one of the trusted renovation companies in London, our reputation continues to grow. Our refurbishment contractors bring both experience and dedication to every project, working with and for our clients to make sure their building refurbishment is done to the highest standard, without exception.

From restaurant renovation to offices, shop fitting and more in London

When it comes to trusted building and construction or renovation companies Redwood Tree Ltd. is the company you can trust. Whether it’s residential or commercial, our building renovation work across London includes clients in many industries, from education to leisure, public sectors to private business premises. From the conceptual beginnings through to delivery of the final project, our renovation contractor teams in London manage projects professionally, using only the most safe and efficient building renovation methods and materials. All our building contractor professionals are skilled and dedicated, ensuring our building renovation projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

Each building renovation project is different, and can be based on new property building renovations in London, or old property in need of our refurbishment contractors’ help. For commercial projects on a large scale, whether a warehouse or office space, we can do all your building renovation work in London premises, from gutting to completion, with modern or traditional finishes. Whether a school or corporate HQ, our renovation contractor teams are happy to work with clients to deliver successful results. Our designers and architects consult with clients to establish ideas, and realise customer visions, working with renovation contractors in London who have experience, and a superb eye for detail, as well as strict adherence to UK building regulations. Whatever building renovation work  you’re looking for in London, contact us today.


When it comes to building renovation, people do it for many reasons. For some, location is critical for long term plans, or they like their building as it is, and often a new building is not possible, each a good reason for staying put. 

There are, however, many other good reasons for doing building renovation work in London. 

Improving foot traffic for your business is one great reason for undertaking a commercial renovation driving interest for your business. From promotional options to advertising, getting commercial renovation work done can offer benefits. From medical practices to hospitality premises, or even educational institutions, a commercial renovation can be a true investment. 

Adding greater efficiency to your operation is another great reason to consider a building renovation. With work and business practices evolving over time, a commercial building renovation can transform efficiency levels, and give staff optimum room for productivity levels and performance. Whether it’s a space consideration or a redesign, a commercial building refurbishment at your London property can be determined by an architect and deliver results. 

For some, creating space for new, better, or more equipment can be the drive behind a commercial renovation in their business premises. With commercial renovation contractors in London working quickly, getting this done can improve business quickly. 

Energy efficiency is increasingly important to businesses, and as the green market grows, commercial renovation work can help companies adapt and save on cost. From updating air con or heating to new windows or insulation, commercial renovation contractors can advise on how best to save money across the board. 

Keeping your business in good health, as well as maintaining commercial relevance can be a main reason for commercial renovation.  Whatever your building renovation needs call us today to get a plan in place.

Top Commercial Building Renovation London Tips

For current commercial space owners as well as those in the market for a new office or shop, building renovation in London is a serious consideration.  Most commercial renovation work is on a large scale, so advice about it can be invaluable. For those who want to rebrand or refresh, a commercial building refurbishment can be transformative. Businesses often depend on the quality of a building renovation project for their continued success, so getting commercial building contractors in London is really important. 

Remember the Reasons for Renovation

Companies who need a building renovation usually have very clear reasons for doing such a project. From a commercial renovation project designed to improve the look of your space, to a building renovation which allows new equipment installation, the reason should remain in focus, ensuring your commercial renovation contractors have a secure plan to keep to.

Think About the Future

Most businesses evolve and change consistently, meaning building renovation in London is often done to keep pace with those alterations. Whether it is staff space needs or change to incorporate the growth of your company, commercial building renovation can help you devise a long term plan, and help you through the stages of growth that you will encounter. For some, it’s customer growth driven, others it is practical storage space that matters, but whatever the motivation, building renovation in London can deliver a solution.

Getting Professionals on the Job

When it comes to getting commercial building contractors in London, getting trusted workers, with vast experience and a great industry reputation can make all the difference. For all building renovation work, seeing a portfolio of projects, and checking how a commercial renovation company works can be the ket to success, especially for building renovation work that needs agile solutions as the work progresses..

Know Your Audience

Whatever type of commercial building renovation work you may need, considering the needs and opinions of customers and employees is critical. For those doing a commercial building renovation at office, the working environment is key for comfort and productivity. For this reason, among others, a building renovation has to be well thought out, and professionally completed. For shops and restaurants, a commercial building renovation in London is all about the customer, their experience in your premises, and how your building renovation can enhance the customer journey and, ultimately, their opinion of your company and establishment.

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